Father’s Day

While I love my business and am a dedicated entrepreneur, my most important role in life is being a father.

This weekend, in honor of Father’s Day, we will watch baseball and grill. Time spent with family is the best time of all.

Over the years, I’ve learned some things from being a dad that I apply to my business. Things like …

  1. Housing is all about family. I was a single father for many years before becoming a husband and family dad. Having both experiences gives me a bit of personal insight on what matters to all sorts of families.
  2. My business coach reminds me that while my kids are young now, my business trajectory is long. I’m likely to continue as an entrepreneur for 25 years, and before I realize it, my kids will be grown and off on their own. Which is why I cherish the freedom that owning my own business gives me to set my own hours. This summer, I’ll spend more time with my family than on work, setting big projects to begin in September, once the kids return to school. Family time is always more precious, for all of us, than time spent in the office.
  3. Our construction business, our property management business, and every other professional endeavor we do is run by skilled, competent, quality people whom I hired because of their dedication, focus and independence. They don’t need my day-to-day involvement – I delegate, trust and empower my team. Of course, I stop in to the office every day, but being a dad has taught me to build a team that is self-sufficient so they don’t need hand-holding to get through their days.
  4. The biggest skill you need as a parent is patience. Same goes for being a boss. You cannot control other people; all you can do is guide them.
  5. And with patience, comes the need for Acceptance. Other people do work slightly differently than I might and that’s ok. I’ve learned to accept others, including my children, for who they are and the unique perspective they bring to any moment. Letting go of control is perhaps the greatest gift we can give.
  6. As a father, I loved my daughter from the moment she was born, just by the sheer miracle of her existence. As she’s grown older, I’ve realized the many faces of love, which is really more of universal understanding than preferential attachment. When you hit that new definition of love, you can apply it in so many contexts. Even the workplace. And let’s face it, love makes the world go round.
  7. Life is full of challenges. Being a father has taught me that there is no easy way around many things, and that’s an important lesson if you’re going into your own business. Sometimes, it’s extremely challenging, and you just have to power through.

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