IPS Realty has hired Letitia Maxwell as Development Director

Maxwell most recently served as Director of Development for Detroit Waldorf School. Before that, she worked for Budco, J. Walter Thompson, A&W Restaurants and the Berline Group.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Maxwell will be working with government, lenders, corporations and nonprofits to help generate development dollars for IPS Realty’s real estate investment efforts in the city of Detroit.

“I see a lot of potential for growth in Detroit real estate,” says Maxwell. “This opportunity opens so many channels for redevelopment and neighborhood cohesion. I am excited to be a part of Detroit’s sustained growth.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Letitia to our team,” says Brent Maxwell, Managing Director, IPS Realty. “She will spearhead and champion projects to create redevelopment and development opportunities in emerging areas of the city. With her talents and record of success, I know we will make great strides in advancing our commitment to the development Detroit’s neighborhoods and build a brighter future for our city.”

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