Opportunity for Redevelopment

I’m starting to look at opportunities for redevelopment, purchasing cash flow properties in potentially appreciating areas and in-fill housing to take advantage of that emergence.  

Want to get in on the action? 

We welcome investors who would like to be part of Detroit’s rebirth and growth.

We’re even considering getting involved in some new construction projects. A thriving city requires a mix of all of these real estate situations to be truly healthy.

There’s a lot of energy from the government to stabilize areas that have potential for housing. We are taking the bait. We’ll be there, making it happen, a major player in a major city’s new vision. 

In Morningside there’s a lot of brick housing that could use an injection of love. Up and down Alter, up and down Wayburn, there’s new construction going on. 

All of this is a continuation of what was happening in 2005, before the market downturn. It’s time to ride the crest of the wave toward its height. Join me.




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